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Dr. José Miller Fredman
When we started planning and organizing the team work of what was at that time a prospective project to collect anecdotes, personal stories and memories of the Cuban Jewish elderly, none of us had the slightest thought that by this time the dearest leader and
President of the Cuban Jewish Community Dr. José Miller Fredman was not going to be physically present.
I remember quite well the day I talked to him about the project. He showed his interest in learning some details: aims and prospective results. His satisfaction in supporting it was shown when saying: " You can count on me if you need help …”. A good evidence of his support was accepting to be one of the first interviewees. His anecdotes, memories, personal experiences and reflections demonstrated clearly his foremost perspectives as community leader and his confidence in the new generations, as well.
May this multimedia presentation "Oral History: What can I tell you about my life?"  be a tribute to Dr. José Miller Fredman, and a recognition of our deepest appreciation for his perseverance, devoted life and his vision to keep alive the flame of Judaism in the Cuban Jewish Community.

Lourdes Albo
General Director

The Oral History Project What can I tell you about my life? is the collection (compilation) of interviews of senior citizens of the Cuban Jewish Community. The project aims to preserve oral histories that are an extension of the Jewish Presence in Cuba that this year celebrates its Centennial.
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Oral History: What can I tell about my life?