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The multimedia presentation "Oral History: What can I tell you about my life?"  consists of thirty interviews gleaned from the collective memories of  the elderly population of the Cuban Jewish Community. It aims at preserving oral histories that are an extension of the Jewish Presence in Cuba (1906-2006).

The interviews were conducted and transcribed by the team-members. The anecdotes may make us laugh, cry or reflect on how the Jewish immigrants to Cuba continued their traditions and customs and adjusted to the country that welcomed them. Some of the interviewees immigrated to Cuba when they were children or young people. Others were born here of immigrant parents, but all of them have something in common: They are fully identified with their Jewish roots.

The interviews are divided in four themes: My Origins, My Childhood, My Youth, Not that Young but…. Photographs, newspaper articles, and other important documents accompany most of the interviews, as well as some general information of each interviewee. For more information: Click Contact us.

For a better understanding of any word or expression in Hebrew or Yiddish, you can consult the glossary (English and Spanish). In each interview, the words indented have a definition. Just slide the cursor over the word or phrase and you will find the information in both cases.The reference for the definitions and information were taken from: Humash H-amercaz. Libro de la Torah. Edited by Centro Educativo, Jerusalem; Maritza Corrales (2003) Presencia Hebrea en Cuba. GEO/Fundación Fernando Ortiz Press, Cuba; Maritza Corrales (2005). The Chosen Island: Jews in Cuba. Salsedo Press Inc, Chicago IL,U.S.

This second edition comprises of both a Spanish and an English version.

This multimedia presentation has been possible thanks to the team's effort and their dedication, as well as to some friends of the Cuban Jewish Community from abroad that were interested in helping. We are grateful to Stanley Falkenstein for his financial generosity, and for becoming part of the team. Our true gratitude goes to Lilian and Larry Goodman, June Safran, Sam Zolten and Harris J. Sklar for their support.

Thanks also to all the people who helped and had confidence in us, especially to the men and women who shared graciously their own stories. Without them, we would not have been able to make this dream come true. Their oral histories are a way to show once again: "Even in old age they shall bring forth fruit, they shall be full of vigor and strength” (Psalm 92).