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Oral histories are a way to transmit to young generations the cultural traditions of their ancestors. Personal experiences told by their main characters enriched the testimonies that are assembled, they give a sense of belonging to a nation or a community with a common history, that as a process, we are all committed.

The original theme of the multimedia presentation "Oral History:What can I tell you about my life?" came from the Simja Group's gathering "Anecdotes to Remember" held in the late 1990s. Enthusiastically, many of the participants shared their memories and stories. Later on, inspired by this same theme, Miriam Greenberg, an independent producer, interviewed senior citizens of the Cuban Jewish Community to make a documentary “No Todos Nos Fuimos” (Not All of Us Left) , however, for different reasons, the documentary could not be finished the way it was planned.

In 2004, one of the founder-members of the Simja Group , Isaac Gelen , passed away. and with the sadness of his lost, I shared with Tatiana Santos the significance of recording the memories of the the older generation of the Cuban Jewish Community. We both agreed that oral histories are very good sources of information and a legacy for the generations to come.

Thus based on the Simja Group's gathering the objectives of what was in its beginning a project were designed. A volunteer multi-generational team was organized. After discussing the methodology of the project and with Ms Adela Dworin's advice on prospective interviewees, we all started interviewing with scarce supplies- a small tape-recorder and a borrowed video camera. But even though we were light on materials, all of us were filled with enthusiasm to save the special life experiences told by their own protagonists.